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straight to the point: we want you to have a good time here in japan.

the kigouya purpose: to be the kind of people that we ourselves would like to meet when we travel to a foreign country.

we are involved in a variety of different things in the kansai area and with this website we try to cover it all to the best of our ability. the pages are consistently updated (some pages more than others), so please do check back often.

the content of the kigouya website is divided into sections.
this is the top page of the main section.
below are links & short explanations for each of the other sections.

notice that you will find a series of links at the top of every page (including this one!). those links do not cross over and are completely different depending on the section of the site you happen to be viewing. it is from there that you can access the various photo galleries.

for example, the photo galleries that the link above leads to show the simple beauty of the kansai area. the pictures really speak thousands of words--please do check them out. photo galleries in the other sections show our events & activities, our house, our parties, and whatever else comes in front of our lens.

so, there you go. that’s all there is to it. feel free to jump around.

for easy navigation among the sites:
wherever you see the kigouya mandala in a frame (like the one shown at left) just click on it to bring you back to this page.

indiscriminate acts inc.

please read what a
satisfied participant
has to say!
lynn’s blog
is an unsolicited report about one of our kigouya camps. it gives valuable insight on what it’s like to
join our events
without any preconceived notions.lynns_blog_entries.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
we believe in indiscriminate acts of kindness. all are welcome—we don’t discriminate.

in this section of our website you will find our schedule of events.
we host events & activities all around the kansai area throughout the year. we also support other groups’ events & activities, as well, so we’re usually pretty busy & there’s usually plenty of stuff going on.

an event for us usually means an overnite camping trip or onsen trip, up into the mountains as well as down to the beaches.

an activity is something you can do in a day or less, like games, bbqs, swimming, sightseeing, yoga workshop, etc.

oh yes, and we host home garden parties, too (see the next section below).

the event schedule is regularly updated so it is important to check back sometimes for changes, especially if you’re interested in a particular event.

we ask for your understanding & cooperation:
we host events & activities not as a business but as a hobby.
we simply enjoy getting all kinds of people together and getting out into nature whenever possible—and japan has great nature!

you are invited to come along with us to share in the experience. therefore it is important to keep in mind that we consider the many people who join our events & activities to be participants, not customers or guests. we are all in it together with joint responsibility, creating moments & memories that benefit everyone involved.

home garden parties

we host western-style home garden parties every now & then at our place in habikino city (just south of osaka city). everyone & anyone are invited to experience this unique opportunity to see life from the inside here in japan (reservation in advance by email is necessary).

whether you’re new to japan or an old-timer, the parties are great for meeting new folks as well as for the all-important networking that is a major constituent of succeeding in japan, especially here in the kansai area. of course the main draw for the parties is tomoko’s excellent cooking. each one features a variety of food from a variety of cultures. please do check it out.

habikino house

japan is infamous for confined living spaces and over the years we who are kigouya have experienced our share of tiny, cramped apartments just like most others. however, in 2007, thanks to the generosity of the murakamis, we moved into habikino house and ever since have been fortunate to have enough space to host others comfortably. we redesigned the house & grounds with the intention of it being much more than just our living space. so it doubles and triples as an indoor/outdoor event space and a guesthouse as well (see below). please do come & join us, and bring your friends & family as well. many photos are available in the habikino house section of the website.

staying / airbnb

planning to visit the kansai area anytime in the near future? for a great opportunity to experience home life in the vicinity of osaka, please check out the link for staying with us at habikino house right away.

our rates are modest for all that you get, which includes our vast knowledge, information & connections.
couchsurfers & backpackers no doubt will be interested as well.

plan your stay to take advantage of one of our many different events and activities and you can receive generous discounts. book directly thru us via this website, or try us thru the airbnb site. we have a couple listings that you can choose from there.


tomoko is a certified yoga therapy instructor & we are very involved in yoga in the kansai area, including impromptu yoga sessions at our camps. in this section you’ll find info about yoga workshops and yoga lessons under the name yoga house. at the moment information is in japanese only, but please check the photos and send us an email if you’d like more info in english.


for highly accurate translation from japanese to english, go straight to eigouwa.
team translation is our unique method & results are guaranteed. proofreading & copywriting are also available. fees are very reasonable and work is competitively priced. contact us for more info.

foreigner database

to be included for opportunities to earn money just for being who you are, please check out the clique link right away. we spend time & effort seeking ways to connect foreigners with a number of different clients.

outside links

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